In our students words…

Here at The Literacy Alliance we have a type of class called small group that is offered for students who read below a certain reading level, or are not pursuing the HSE. This class works solely on computers to build technological skills, and students focus mainly on basic academic skills. Our very talented teacher Sean has been teaching the small group for 12 years now with The Literacy Alliance.

Today we would like to showcase 2 exceptional students in our small group morning class at The Summit: LaQuaya and Sarah.

LaQuaya has been in Sean’s class for close to a year. She has always struggled with math and Sean and his tutors give her one-on-one help. She said it has been hard to juggle working 2 jobs and class but she still does her best to do as much as she can. She is determined to get her diploma.

LaQuaya’s favorite thing about the class is that Sean is a good teacher, he knows what he’s talking about and he is flexible to work around her busy schedule.

LaQuaya’s advice to fellow students is, “Stay focused, it’s hard, especially when you’ve got things going on in your life.”

Sarah has been in Sean’s class for about 1 year and she is looking forward to taking her High School Equivalency test in June. Her main goal for wanting to take the test is to be able to gain employment. She said it is hard to find a job without a diploma and employers don’t want to hire people without at least a high school diploma.

Sarah’s favorite things about Sean’s class at Literacy Alliance are, all nice people in her class and the helpful tutors.

When asked what advice she would give to a fellow student she said, “You can’t just take your test right away, if it’s a year or two, just keep plugging away. You’ll get it.”

Thank you ladies for participating and keep on working- you’ll get there!


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